Innovation / Developments

Our team of wash specialists from Turkey is highly innovative to develop new fashion washes for every season as well as on customers’ demands. We work on innovation and developments consistently which helps us to propose our customers with a wider range of products for easier selection.

Water & Reduced Chemical Usages

Velocity leads the way in water-saving and innovation. We have the biggest and most advanced water treatment plant in Africa. The chemicals & dyes we use for washing, are non-hazardous and accepted globally. As Tonello stated, it releases bleach effects on denim with a drastic reduction of water consumption and elimination of all hazardous chemicals.

Ozone & Towel Bleach

Water use and wastewater are some of the biggest sustainability challenges in denim manufacturing, which is why we’re proud to have helped bring bleaching by using ozone and towel bleach effect, eliminating the need for potassium permanganate spraying. Velocity produces the most sustainable jeans ever with innovative methods.

Automated machinery

Automation improves productivity as well as the quality accuracy of fashion products in stitching by minimizing human intervention and preventing manufacturing mistakes in the process. Auto dozing of chemicals and dyes is the key. We have machines from Tonello.