Automated Machinery

Automation improves productivity as well as the quality of fashion products in stitching by minimizing human intervention and preventing manufacturing mistakes in the process. Size & shade-wise garment loading, fabric handling, computerized techniques, and automatic sewing machine helps to get the best out of the fashion industry. Pocket Setter, J Stitch, Waistband & Loop Attachments are important machines for the automation process.

Preparation Lines

Even with the automated process, a few key operations like Pocket Attachments & Hemming are done outside of the automation lines, which helps in bringing out better outcomes.

Hanger System

All our stitching lines are equipped with a dedicated hanger system. After completing any operation, the operator presses a button to actuate dispatch of that hanger to the next designated operation, while a new hanger automatically comes for sewing. Hangers are fitted with unique bar codes or RFID tags and scanners in the hanger pathway, hence the movement of the hanger from one operation to the other gives indication of the completion of the previous operation and WIP calculation in the central database. This automation process helps with accuracy in WIP and process control.