Fit & Specs of products

Washes & Fabric Selection. To choose best Color, Lab Dips range development. Right selection of drape and silhouettes. Value addition to each and every product by offering a wide range of innovative methods. We provide information, to all our customers in terms of “what is working” considering trend and “what is not”. Such open discussion and exchangings ideas helps us to get the best out of it for all below.

Oversee the market demands

From vintage styles to innovative products , we are proud to be known as a producer who offers collections for the most prestigious brands in the market. Experienced designers from Italy office and from Dubai office provides trend follow up , styling , graphic designing
Oversee the market demands, follow the trends and prepare regular seasonal collections Laundry experts from Turkey to enrich washes, Prepare special collections for customer based on brand’s identity and customer esgners mood boards, Share the experience and market knowhow to fulfill the specific needs in customer collections, Source the best fabrics and trims to design right quality products, Produce Sustainable Washes for collections to have smooth transition to sustainable production. Print, embroidery ,embellishment additons for knit and denim colections with in house facilities.