Employer of Women

Vogue & Velocity Group of Companies is an apparel & accessories manufacturer with multiple facilities in various developing countries. The textile and apparel sector is the largest employer in the world and a significant employer of women. For decades now, many developing countries have come to depend on the production of textiles and apparel as important engines of growth.

People are the Most Valuable Asset

At Vogue & Velocity, we see people as the most valuable asset of our business. Our care and concern go out to all employees and our contribution towards them and their families’ wellbeing, their social as well as professional development, and above-all their happiness.

‘A Home Away from Home’

We provide accommodation to our local employees, with the concept of ‘a home away from home’. Our residential campus includes educational and sports facilities, in addition to a farm, which we operate in conjunction with the surrounding communities. We collaborate with local universities to provide educational opportunities to our employees. We take pride in the meticulous efforts of our in-house training facility, where we train all levels of employment, in both hard and soft skills.