In-house Printing Facility

With an in-house printing facility, we can offer a more flexible service for both products and lead time. Currently, we produce 25K garments daily with 2 Octopus Machines with 14 head tables which can do up to 12 colors prints.

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designing capability enables us to deliver high- quality, large-scale turn-key solutions that offer a complete suite of design & printing. We work with fine wider mesh qualities for the best outcome of the product. All the screen development is also done In- house.

Flocking & Foil Print

We have an in-house setup of carrying out flock & foil printing. The process of flocking involves layering a collection of microfibers onto a coat of adhesive ink. Designers can approach flocking in a variety of ways, utilizing different lengths and textures of the flock as well as methods of curing and layering. Foil print always has a rich outcome if implemented correctly.

Digital Sublimation

With engineered printing, we offer digital sublimation facilities and heat seals. By using sublimation printing, we can print fabric panels and transfer the design on polyester blend fabrics.