“Fashion literally touches every person in the most direct way possible (clothes on your skin) therefore the immediate benefits of sustainability impact brands & thus the fashion industry strongly. The industry has been fast to pick up on this fact, making it one of the key motivations driving the movement in fashion & apparel. Given the fashion industry is built on the fundamental premise of quick adaptation to change, the ability to accept the required change for sustainability has been quicker & higher than other industries. While the population on the planet grows exponentially the resources our planet can offer remain more or less constant. Sustainability is utilization of the planet’s resources in a renewable manner. This means maximizing the efficiencies of the resources used, minimizing waste & recycling the old into new or neo-cycled products. The fashion/apparel industry has a big role to play in this space as we are a big utilizer of resources. I am proud that in a short amount of time the industry has embraced changes in process, machinery & materials. We at Velocity are highly committed to the cause of protecting mother Earth. Being a large denim & active wear producer, we invested in water treatment plants before sustainability was a topic of discussion.”

"Mr.Siddharth Sinha, Founder & CEO"

Founded in 1988 with roots in Design, Research and Development

we continue to evolve as a one-stop shop. With over 30 years of experience we now operate 5 owned factories providing a full package resource from design, development, production and logistics.

Breaking ground in Ethiopia in 2016 offers our customers the flexibility and proactive approach to be ahead of global sourcing trends.