Color Segregation

Our Quality team works closely with Laundry and Finishing team to coordinate and proceed only with approved shade range so finishing department gets approved shade for finishing and Packing. This helps to speed up the process.

Metal Trims attachment

We are using only approved machineries and other equipment for metal trims attachment by keeping safety as our  first preference.

Hanger System

Our all the Finishing & Packing lines are equipped with hanger system. After completing any operation, operator presses a button to actuate dispatch of that hanger to next designated operation, while a new hanger automatically comes for process. Hangers are fitted with unique bar codes or RFID tags and there are scanners in the hanger pathway, hence movement of hanger from one operation to another updates completion of the previous operation and WIP calculation in the central database. This Atomization process helps, accuracy in WIP, Understand bottleneck and process control.