Vogue International

Head Office - UAE

Mr. Siddharth Sinha, Founder and Executive Chairman of Vogue/ Velocity Group of Companies, established his first business in Dubai in 1988, under the name of Vogue International Agencies, by providing customers the rare combinations from design and production to logistics solutions. Today, Mr. Sinha is leading a group of international companies.

Velocity Apparelz Co


Velocity Apparelz, Egypt, is located in the Public Free Zone of Ismaili. This plant produces 4.5 million Denim & Garment Products annually. This facility is home to associates from over 8 nations and employs a total of 3,500 people. Velocity Apparelz features the latest and greenest of technologies.

Velocity Apparelz Plc


Velocity Apparelz Companies PLC, Ethiopia is located in the city of Mekele, Tigray region. Ethiopia facility is producing 4 million Activewear Knits & 4.5 Denim Products annually. This facility is home to 2,500 associates from over 9 nations. Velocity Ethiopia provides housing and social activities on campus for its employees.

Velocity Jeans Co


Velocity Jeans, Egypt is located in the Ismailia city in the Public Free Zone. Producing 4 million Activewear Knits annually. This facility is home to 1,500 associates from over 5 nations.

Velocity International Co


Velocity International, Egypt is located in city Port Said in Private Free Zone. Producing 1.2 million Activewear Knits & Denim Products annually. This Facility is home to 500 associates from over 4 nations.