dry process

Manual Dry Process

Numerous effects can be achieved by scraping, cutting, splattering spots, and making holes. Our team of experts, with 3 decades of experience, lead in enhancing fashion to a remarkable extent. PP or bleach spray is another technique that boosts manual effects to create a nice pair of jeans. Denim jeans have been given the distressed, antiqued, or damaged look, achieved by the localized sanding process. We do manual sanding with sandpaper as well as by using molds or manually.

Whisker & Hand sand

Whiskers increases manual effects with the use of sandpaper or by mechanized process and then dipped/sprayed in resin for a permanent look. Our denim garment finishers work on developed effective methods to reproduce these aged effects on new garments. Resin finishing is combined with the use of pressing and abrading tools and techniques to create authentic-looking wrinkles, lines, and creases.


We work with the latest laser technology from Jeanologia and fabricate whiskers, process sanded areas, and even create holes with destructions. In laser finishing, a condensed beam of light is focused on the surface of the fabric to burn off the top layer of dyestuff. Laser process is controlled by CAD/CAM technology, so the distressed effect can be achieved quickly and consistently.

Mactac Oven 3D

Backed jeans with permanent whiskers have long-lasting designs on them. We use Mactac 3D oven technology, which cures the designs by using engraved designed mannequins to maintain consistency.