We Produce more than 9 Million Jeans Annually

Our focus on efficiency increases fashion production considerably. Our lead time to ship ready goods is as reasonable as 28 days from the date the PO is placed. Every season we work with more than 30 mills to research and develop new fabrics. We manufacture a wide range of denim products: Jeans, Shorts, Skirts, Jackets, Overalls and Dresses.

We manufacture garments for Women, Men and Kids.

Our dedicated team of Apparel Experts work rigorously for Product Development with state of the art, advanced technology of CAD & 3D Design. 50 Sample-operators are exclusively reserved for producing 250 samples/day.

Our sustainable and eco-friendly process of wet and dry technology reduces water consumption to 9.5 liters per jean as compared to the traditional 93 liters per jean. We continuously strive to implement the latest technologies and in line with this, we have Advanced Laser, Eco Wash and Mactec 3D technologies.

We have the capability of working with various weights and elasticities; We specialize in production with fabrics comprising of 50% to 80% elasticity.