We Produce more than 9 Million Jeans Annually

Fast fashion production. 28 days from PO placed to ship ready goods.

Every season we work with more than 30 different mills to research and develop new fabrics based on fashion forecast.
We are manufacturing a wide range of products: Jeans, denim shorts, skirts, denim jackets, overalls and dresses.

We manufacture garments for a wide range of gender and sizes - Womens, Mens and Kids.

Team of Apparel Experts, supports Product Development with advanced technology of CAD & 3D Design. A Dedicated 50 Samples operators at group level with capacity of doing more than 250 Samples par Day.

Velocity products are the perfect blend of sustainability & Innovation. Laser Machinaries, Ecowash & mactec 3D are Keys.

We are working with various weights and elasticities,
fabrics ranging from 50% to 80% recovery are mostly used in our production.
We also have production capacity dedicated for lightweight woven fabrics.