Team Vogue

At the Vogue/Velocity group of companies, we know that our greatest asset is our employees. We recognize that in order to remain committed to the highest quality in garment production, technological and design innovation, market research and development, and organic and sustainable growth, we must create and nurture a highly motivated, healthy, and happy working environment where there exists a palpable sense of pride and ownership among our employees. Our company ethos is that each employee across the spectrum of roles and responsibilities - is a member of our extended family, with whom we share the same work ethic and spirit:

  • to strive for excellence
  • to be the best one can be
  • to be passionate about what we do
  • to be open to learning and both professional and personal growth
  • to express oneself freely and without fearand, most importantly, to dream, for we believe that every worthwhile achievement begins with a dream.

To realize our mission and achieve excellence in garment design and manufacturing, our commitment to our staff includes in-depth and ongoing professional development, and we take pride in the training programs we offer to all groups of employees from the sewing professionals on the factory floor to the CEO and the members of his management team.

At its core, Vogue/Velocity is a company that was founded upon and remains committed to a philosophy of teaching and learning. It is through this dedication to continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, and hard work that we have developed into the group of companies we are today.