Our Vision

Design is my passion! It is my core and it will always be visible as a part of everything we do at Vogue/Velocity.

Our industry is one of the most labour intensive industries in the world, yet I am a firm believer in technology. I believe in adopting as well as contributing towards the development of each technology that may be applicable to our industry. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of fashion, automation does have its limitations. I believe it is the human element that is key to our success and that of the industries, and therefore the care and development of every member of our organization is critical.

I see our people as the most valuable asset of our organization. Our care and concern for our employees and our contribution towards them and their families’ wellbeing, their social as well as professional development, and above-all their happiness, is a fundamental tenet of the Vogue/ Velocity philosophy.

In addition, I have the utmost admiration for Toyota’s philosophy of lean manufacturing, including their approach to key issues such as sustainability and waste.

I see the Velocity factories as being amongst the most technologically advanced garment manufacturing plants in the world. We are an organization that adapts Toyota’s manufacturing philosophy, systems, and seamless communication to the garment industry, where:

Quality and delivery are not factors only to be mentioned in my vision, rather they are a given and represent the very foundation of our corporate structure.

Energy and natural resource consumption is minimized and all waste is recycled for re-use.

Maximizing efficiency, minimizing consumption and waste of all kinds is our ongoing and daily objective, the benefits of which will be passed on to our customers.

I see Velocity as an institution of knowledge, research, and training that delivers excellence in garment manufacturing. Knowledge and expertise is not a proprietary asset held close by either my management team or me, but is distributed freely throughout the organization and shared with every individual person based on their capacity to learn. Because skills, knowledge, and expertise do not always spread quickly and easily on their own, we as an organization are highly focused on training, retraining and further training our people at every level and every instance.

Velocity is a manufacturing company but I see us, first and foremost, as a service provider to our valued customers. We exist because of our customers, and we feel strongly that it is our duty to provide our customers with a level of service surpassing their every expectation. While other companies may settle for customer satisfaction as their goal, I see as our goal is customer admiration as the minimum standard for service and performance at Vogue/Velocity.

I believe with all my conviction that perfection is a pursuit worthy of a lifetime's devotion!